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Building for the Future is a forum for diverse community partners such as affordable housing advocates, economic development leaders and housing builders. Together we learn about and share information on solutions to the housing crisis in Spokane County.


What it means to be a partner.

Partner groups work together to educate and engage community leaders and residents on solutions such as housing attainability, smart growth, sustainability and construction workforce development. 

Being a partner means:

  • You believe in housing-focused solutions. Your organization believes in solutions that help solve the housing crisis in Spokane County

  • You will lend your voice. Your organization’s name and logo will be added to the partner page of the Building for the Future website to strengthen the reach and visibility of the project

  • You are willing to educate others. You choose to educate yourself and others on potential solutions and policy strategies by providing and/or sharing digital content

  • You will co-sponsor an annual event. Your organization will participate in one Building for the Future housing solutions event per year. This event will be focused on education and open to the public, such as a town hall forum or candidate panel discussion on housing issues. Your involvement can range from lending your name and logo, helping to underwrite the event, providing input on the program, or being actively involved in event logistics. 

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